Friday, June 29, 2012

Tech Talk - Petros Guitars - Grand Concert

Anyone looking for a guitar that will do both fingerstyle and flatpicking, and do it well? After numerous requests for just such an instrument Petros Guitars decided that after 30 years of perfecting just two models, perhaps there was a legitimate need for a third model.

The Petros Grand Concert: A guitar that does it all... with a sensuous and riveting sound that will awe you in standard tuning and melt you in alternate tunings. Dimensionally between the FS and D, it is sensitive enough to use light gauge strings and sturdy enough for mediums.

The GC body dimensions:
19 1/2" Long
15 1/2" Lower bout
9 5/8" Waist
11 3/8" Upper bout
4 1/2" at the deepest
25.5” scale
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